House Hunting in Williamsburg, Virginia


When Matthew and I started our house hunt, we realized that there were just so many options, even in our small area. So, we sat down and made a list of everything he wanted in a house, everything I wanted in a house and then we compared to see what matched. We both agreed we needed a back yard for our dogs, which was about the only thing that was on both of our lists. Then we went through our lists and picked out three items that were the most important to us. He wanted water view, a fixer upper (ughhhh) and no HOA. I wanted enough rooms for a home office and guest room, an attached garage, and closet space!

Once we had a list of what we wanted it was easier to sort through the houses that were in our budget. We searched on our own using Zillow as well as our realtor. This process started about a year and a half before we really needed to start looking, but this allowed us time to really look at houses and figure out exactly what we liked and did not like.

One weekend we went to look at a few houses, some we found, some our realtor wanted us to see. When we were out, she told us she found a house that she desperately wanted us to look at. When we looked at the listing online, we were not interested. However, our realtor insisted that we go look at it anyway. Well, you guys - we LOVED it. Seriously, trust your realtor. We would not have found this house if she hadn't made us go look at it.


This house is two story, FOUR bedrooms, two and a half bath, hardwood floors, big big big backyard on a lake, huge garage and needs a bit of a remodel. It checked off everything that was on our list! So we decided to go ahead and put in an offer. We closed on February 3 and we have until April 20 until we need to be out of our apartment. That gives us about two and a half months to get our projects done.

Mathew and I sat down once again and decided what our main priorities were. Refinishing the floors and painting (oh yeah, and adding wainscoting) were first, of course, as well as putting up a fence for the dogs. We wanted to get the floors and the walls done before we moved all our furniture in while we have an empty house. Getting up the fence is a priority for us so we can let Coco and Tilly just run around. They are cattle dogs and have so much energy to let out!  We also decided that renovating the kitchen is a priority as it is a pretty outdated kitchen. We will be getting this professionally done and will not be completed by the time we move in, but that's a minor set back. 

We have already started some of the work and I am excited to share our journey with you all in the upcoming weeks! For now, here is a sneak peek!


williamsburg_house_hunting (5).jpg