Reviewing Wedding Vendor Contract

Reviewing a Vendor contract

Today I am giving you some basic tips when reviewing your wedding vendor contract. There is a lot more to a contract but if you follow these basic tips, you are well on your way to protecting yourself and your event. While I have included a lot of things to watch out for in this post, keep in mind most wedding vendors are happy to work with you and are not trying to hurt you in any way.

The first thing you want to do when you get a contract is to read it through. Then, read it again taking in each section. Contracts can be simple, but they can also be very wordy. You want to make sure you understand what the contract is stating and that you are not overlooking any details.

When you are meeting with your different vendors make sure you bring a notebook with you. Write down everything they tell you they will do for you. When they send you the contract make sure what they told you they will do is written in that contract. If you do not see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to politely ask them to add it in.

Do not sign until you have asked any questions you have and you have the answers you were looking for. If you requested any changes, make sure you see them in writing or the vendor initialed your handwritten changes before signing the contract.

Pay attention to the payment schedule and write those dates down in your planner! Most vendors will ask for a percentage with your contract as a deposit and then 1-3 additional payments.

Life does happen. Sometimes uncontrollable circumstances occur in which you or your vendor will need to cancel the contract. Make sure you look at these sections of your contract and know exactly what needs to happen and what your penalties are, if any, if you need to break your contract. On the other side, if your vendor needs to cancel, what are they offering you? I suggest that you make sure they are responsible for finding a substitute vendor

Get a copy of the contract when it is all said and done. If any changes were handwritten, make sure these are on your copy and those changes are initialed. Make sure your copy is signed by both parties (you and the vendor).