Meet Olivia and Matthew

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This week Night and Daye Events is gearing up to throw a delightful Christmas cocktail party style wedding at the Providence Hall House at the Williamsburg Inn. I can not wait to show you guys this wedding because it is going to be beautiful! For now, let me introduce you to the wonderful couple behind this wedding: Olivia Steffan and Matthew Gomez...

Olivia and Matthew met during their sophomore year at William and Mary. They were introduced the first weekend back at campus by mutual friends and realized they had a Psychology class together, where Matthew saved Olivia a seat on the first day of class. Before long, they were going on many glamorous dates together to the dining hall and the Wawa across the street. Olivia   claims neither learned much about "Psychology as a Natural Science". 

His words:

 We both took summer classes at William & Mary over the summer after our junior year. Campus is quiet in the summer, and we spent a lot of time together, just us. Despite hanging out almost exclusively with her for an entire summer, I never once got tired of being with her. By the end of the summer, I wished it would never end, and that's when I knew she was the one I wanted to have an endless summer with forever.

Her words:

Well I knew he was special immediately. I've always felt especially comfortable around Matt. But, I knew he was the ONE, the one when I saw that we were both giving up other fun activities to just hang out and talk or watch tv with each other. I just knew that he was the one I would come home and chat with and have tv-thons with forever.

Matt was the one to say I love you first, but it was mutual. They had both been skating around it for weeks but it was Matthew who finally got it out first. It was right before they were leaving for Christmas break - they are getting married six years and seven days after Matt told Olivia he loved her! 

During the week of their graduation, Matthew took Olivia on a walk through the college campus to the Crim Dell Bridge. For those of you who do not know the legend, it is said,  " if two lovers cross the bridge together and kiss at the crest of it, they will be together forever.... if someone crosses Crim Dell alone, they will always be alone." Neither Olivia nor Matthew had ever wanted too risk crossing the bridge before, but on this day Matthew took Olivia to the crest and asked her to marry him. 


As college sweethearts, Olivia and Matthew are so excited to come back to the most important place to them to pronounce their commitment to each other and I am so honored to be there to help make this day everything they imagined. 

He's looking forward to:

On our wedding day, I'm most looking forward to enjoying the food and drinks. Olivia and I love food, and we picked out a menu I really like, and I'm excited to share a first meal with my wife. About our marriage - I'm most looking forward a true friend and partner through all the ups and downs of life - someone who is committed to being with you through thick and thin.


She's looking forward to:

On our wedding day, I'm most looking forward to wearing my wedding dress and being in Wren Chapel for our ceremony. I've thought about us getting married in such a historic space that means so much to us for a long time. I think I'll be most excited to just be there. About our marriage, I'm most looking forward just to knowing Matt will always be there for me and be there with me, and not ever be afraid to be myself.

Fun Facts

Matthew and Olivia are quite the travelers! They decided to honeymoon in a region neither has yet to explore, French Polynesia.

Matt loves spicy foods and owns several hot sauces that are in the millions on the Scoville Scale. 

Olivia can play the cello, she even has a degree in cello performance.

Matt was not a cat person until Olivia got him a cat.  

They love food and documentaries, especially documentaries about food!

One of their favorite things to do is pick a region and then try a wine from that region. They say you can taste the earth, raining sun that went into making that wine and its like traveling to that region when they can't actually go. 

Olivia and Matthew have an encyclopedic knowledge of the show Futurama