The Historic Post Office Wedding | Kayla and Stephan

Kayla and Stephen came to me last minute when their venue told them they needed a planner! I am so glad that they did. I loved Kayla’s designs and she was so on top of everything, it was a breeze to pick up and tie together everything and she did this as a full time nursing student!

Kayla and Stephan met sophomore year of high school at Peninsula Catholic in their English class. Stephen was always really funny and sweet to Kayla and she found out they had a similar taste in music. From there they became best friends and would always go on adventures together however they didn’t start dating until they were in college. Kayla jokingly told him he should visit her in Texas and the next thing she knew, she was picking him up from the airport!

This wasn’t Stephen’s only trip to visit Kayla. During their long distance relationship, they would meet up in different states for mini vacations! After a day of exploring Dallas, Texas, on yet another trip, they went to dinner in downtown Dallas. However, the restaurant was not their cup of tea and decided to get get a second dinner, a nice big slice of pizza from Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum, which they have been meaning to go to his entire trip. They enjoyed the “best pizza ever” and headed back to the hotel room, where they played card games, watched some movies and even did face masks! When Kayla came back into the room from washing off her face, she was met with Stephen asking her to marry him!! Kayla says she doesn’t think she even gave him the change to finish his sentence before saying. “yes!”

They have adopted a puppy and a kitten and love going to aquariums and museums. But their favorite date consists of going to a late night movie in comfy pj’s, Kayla’s bag packed with snacks and her favorite blanket!

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