8 Date Night Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

One thing Matthew and I have a hard time with is picking out date activities! We usually end up just laying on the couch and watching the latest Netflix frenzy. So I decided to finally put on my thinking cap and come up with a list of things to pull from to avoid mindlessly watching tv together, or spending too much at a nice restaurant and movie on date nights! Of course I am sharing that list with you. Don’t be afraid to combine more than one for an even better date night experience! Make sure you come back and tell me in the comments which dates you’ve tried!

1. Netflix and Romance

Ok, I know I just said we don’t want to just watch Netflix and chill… but why don't we step this up a notch on the romance scale? Light a candle or two, pour yourself a glass of wine and find a movie the two of you haven't seen. Don't forget the chocolate covered strawberries!

2. Meal Kit

Want to share a meal together instead? Sign up for a free week of a meal prep subscription ( such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh). Spend the evening with your love cooking together and then enjoying the meal at your kitchen table.

3. Take Out

Don’t want to cook? Get take out instead! But don’t just eat it out of the boxes on the couch. Get those candles out, set the table and enjoy the meal together. Take it up another notch and get take out from three locations - get the same food item and have a taste test!

4. Picnic

Sticking with the food theme here. Make your self a picnic! You don’t even have to go to a local park if you don’t want to, sit in your back yard, on your porch or even throw some pillows down on your living room floor!

5. House Project

For you other type a gals, this one is for you! Have a house project you both have been putting off? Want to hop on the Marie Kondo bandwagon you’ve heard about? I know this is not your typical romantic night in, hear me out! You can have a romantic evening and finish that pesky project! Go to the store if you need supplies for this task, whether it is paint, laundry detergent or doggie shampoo. Then hit up your local Trader Joe’s for a good bottle of wine and snacks. Turn up the tunes and get to work!

6. Bring the bookstore home

Go to your local bookstore (try to avoid the big names and go to a local store!) and grab a book or a magazine. You can either grab a coffee at the cafe or take the books home and get comfy. As your reading fill each other in on interesting tidbits!

7. Board Games

Call your inner child out and bring back the board games! You guys, this is honestly my favorite date night. No need to get dressed up or put your face on! Just grab your jammies, junk food, fur babies and favorite game. I mean, there are even so many board game options for adults these days.

8. Get your besties

Thats right! Call your best gal pal or two and have their sweetheart join in on the fun. Any of the above activities can be done as a double or triple date! Or just have them come over and see where the night leads! A little adventure is good for the soul!

Do you have more ideas for date night in? Tell us in the comments below! Matthew and I are always looking for unique date nights.

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