Yes! You can include your fur babe in your wedding!

What could you possibly love as much as your fiance? Your pet! Both couples and guests love incorporating dogs (or other animals) on wedding days! Yet, the logistics of having your pet on your wedding day can be more complicated than most coupes think. Let us help you with some tips to make sure that your dog is a part of your wedding whether he or she is physically there or not!

First, consider your dog’s temperament and obedience to decide whether you want your dog there on your wedding day. Does your dog like crowds? Loud noises? New spaces? You most likely won’t be the only handling your dog on your wedding day, so will your dog be comfortable and follow someone else? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can determine whether your dog can be there on your wedding day.

If your answer to all of those questions is yes, then it’s time to get the ideas flowing! Your dog can be there at your ceremony as a part of your bridal party or even as a ring bearer (a note of caution: remember Marley and Me. Dogs tend to eat things you really don’t want them to). Make sure that someone you and your dog trusts is on “dog duty” all day! They should be the one bringing the dog, tending to the dog’s needs, and staying with the dog, because you won’t be able to with all your other wedding festivities.

If your answer to all of those questions is maybe, then maybe try bringing your dog to photos before the ceremony or to the reception! Photos will probably be quieter and less stimulating while the reception will most likely be the opposite. We love flowers or bows on dogs for weddings which makes fantastic pictures! Judge your dog’s temperament and include them in part of your wedding day, but not the whole day.

If your answer to all of those questions is no, then pay tribute to your furbabies through your wedding decor! The drinks for my wedding were based off of my dogs, and everyone loved it. There’s also the possibility that your vendor does not allow dogs, so be sure to inquire with them about having pets far in advance. You can incorporate photos of them into your decor also!

If you’re looking for any other ideas on how to incorporate your pet into your wedding day or are interested in having your pet on your wedding day, send us an inquiry for help!

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