What to include in your rainy day wedding game plan

Mother Nature is known for her surprises on days of extremely important events. If you are having an outdoor wedding, don’t let a couple rainy showers ruin your wedding day! Proper planning can turn a rainy day from a potential disaster to a fun statement that makes your wedding unique! We’ve included some tips on how to create your rainy wedding day game plan to ensure that your big day is flawless no matter what Mother Nature throws your way!

First, it’s always a good idea to purchase event insurance for your ceremony and reception just in case any unexpected inclement weather destroys anything for your event. With such an important event like your wedding, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Also, if you know that you’re getting married in a month that typically rains (mostly March and April here in VA), go ahead and rent a tent! Even if it’s beautiful and sunny, your guests will thank you for the shade. If you don’t want to purchase a tent, talk to your venue about what other locations they include in their rain plan. The professionals usually have a plan too, so be sure to ask what their strategy is for showers.

If it looks like it’s going to rain on your wedding day, own it! Get umbrellas that match your color scheme for you, your bridal party, and your guests. The current trend is using clear umbrellas which are elegant and look gorgeous in photos. If you can, get your bridal party matching rain boots and umbrellas for fun bridal party photos! Rain can enhance your wedding along with adding a sense of adventure on your big day as long as you come fully prepared so you can relax.

If you are on your wedding day and rain comes, we cannot stress enough that you trust your vendors! Even if you don’t have a rainy day game plan or your plan falls through, your vendors are event professionals and chances are this isn’t the first time they have had rain on a wedding day. They have experience and know what is best for them to function to their highest ability. The best thing that you can do for your vendors and for yourself in that unexpected rainy situation is let your wedding planner handle it! We walk with you every step of your wedding day, but we also coordinate with all of your vendors to ensure that they’re all on the same plan and are functioning as a cohesive unit to create your flawless wedding.