Vendor Port: Richmond MakeUp Artist, LLC.

In our first Vendor Port, a series where we interview different vendors LIVE and then recap that valuable information here on the blog, we are introducing you to Kirsty of Richmond Make UP Artist, LLC. Kirsty did my make up for my own wedding, as well as several branding shoots. She is totally my go to gal, which is why I decided to have her help me kick off this series! So with out further ado, let me introduce you to Kirsty!

Kirsty is originally for Zimbabwe, Africa! She says that she never even wore make up before moving to the States! Her first job here is what introduced her to make up, although she says, “make up chose me!” She received her initial training in makeup when working for a little boutique that specialized in skin care and makeup. After some time, Richmond MakeUp Artist was born and she is now in her seventh year of business.

But you came here for Kirsty’s tips! I loved chatting with her, and you should definitely check out the video on my FaceBook page, but below are some of the tips that really stuck out to me:

Simply Focused Photogrpahy

Simply Focused Photogrpahy

Your Trial

You should always schedule a trial run with your MUA not only to get to know your MUA, and for them to get to know your skin, but to see if you have any reactions to the cosmetics in their kits. This is also a time to see what you are comfortable with. If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup, you want to make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of makeup you’ll be wearing. Don’t wait to schedule your trial either….A great time to have your trial is when you have your engagement photos! Not only will you have flawless makeup for these photos, you’ll be able too see how it photographs.

When you come to your trial, come with a clean face, questions, and your inspiration photos.


To prep for your trial, bring photos of makeup styles you like. Just like you would when your getting a new haircut. When you’re looking for these inspirations, a good place to start is the MUA’s portfolio. Many photos you see on Instagram or Pinterest may be very edited and not a great representation of what MUAs will do. Another really great tip when looking through the portfolio is to look at girls that have your same hair color and skin tone. Kirsty says that a make up style can look very different on different skin tones, and even with different hair colors.


Simply Focused Photography

Simply Focused Photography

To prep for your wedding day, and even your trial, make sure that you come with a clean face. As the name implies, MUAs are artist and your face is their canvas! But, before the morning of your wedding, what should you be doing ? Any sort of skin routine is great, but make sure that you are taking that make up off before bed. Did you know that sleeping with makeup ages you?! No one has time for that. A great place to start is consistently washing and moisturizing your face in the AM and the PM. Again, don’t wait to start this routine too close to your wedding. You will want to make sure that you do not react to the face wash.

You also want to make sure your skin is used to anything else that you will be doing before your wedding day. Planning on waxing your eyebrows for the big day? Make sure you wax them months beforehand and pay attention to how your brows react. For me personally, I always get very red and raw when I get my brows waxed because I have sensitive skin. Then I get a few small bumps while the skin is healing. So for my wedding, I got my brows done that Monday.

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