Celebrating your mom beyond Mother's Day

It’s the week of Mother’s Day, so this week we are focusing on Moms! Many mothers have guided and given unwavering support to their children in order for you to reach their wedding day, and that love deserves recognition. We have included some ideas below on how to make your Mom feel special on your wedding day!

Before the ceremony, make sure that your mom is there helping you get ready and you get some pictures of you two together. Organic pictures of her helping you put on your veil or dress are often the sweetest in the wedding album. You can also give your mom a meaningful gift, write her a letter to read before the ceremony or include her in your hair and makeup count. These gestures show your appreciation for all that she’s done for you over your life. Also, your wedding decor can pay tribute to your mom! You can use photos of your parents or make parts of your decor themed after memories with your mom, her favorite things, or inside jokes between the two of you. These details add personality to your wedding along with celebrating your mother’s love that has gotten you to your wedding day!

For the ceremony, including your parents can make the ceremony more personal and intimate. In Kayla and Stephen’s wedding, their parents each read a poem at the beginning of their ceremony, and the love and emotion ebbing from their parents, the bride and groom, and the guests set the tone for a personalized, love-filled marriage. Another option to include your mom in your wedding is a rose ceremony in which both the bride and groom gives roses to their mothers. Either of these options pay tribute to your mother’s life-long love and show your appreciation for her.

After the ceremony, make sure some the DJ or band plays some of her favorite songs for her to dance to, especially for the mother-son dance! All of these ideas are designed to help you make your mother feel special and loved on your wedding day, a day that she has probably been envisioning her whole life! Your wedding is an exciting, emotion-filled day for you both which makes your big day the best time to show your appreciation for your mom. Tell us below how you’re thanking your mom and mother in law during your wedding!