Styling your engagement shoot

So, you’ve gotten engaged, and the next step is that you want your family and friends to know! Engagement shoots have become increasingly popular over the last couple years, and we love their excitement and personal flare. Yet, styling an engagement shoot can be daunting, especially when you don’t know all the logistics of your wedding yet. We have a couple tips on how to style your engagement shoot to celebrate your new commitment to each other to share with the world!  

First, consider taking photos in two different outfits: one more casual and one more formal. Especially if you’re not sure about the theme of your wedding, having options can help your engagement photos flow effortlessly with your wedding photos. Engagement photos can be used in many ways that your wedding photos can’t, so make sure to get a variety of options for the future. Also, be sure to ask you photographer ahead of time if he or she allows for outfit changes!

If you know your wedding theme, include it in your engagement photos! Signs or props are becoming increasingly trendy and provide endless ways to get creative. If you know your venue, make sure that the location of your engagement shoot compliments it. Matthew and I took our engagement photos on a beach because our wedding was both nautical themed and on the water. The photos were perfect for announcing our engagement and match our wedding photos effortlessly.

If you two have a pet that cannot be a part of your wedding day, consider including him or her in your engagement shoot! These photos are the perfect laid-back opportunity to capture memories with your furbabies without the hassle and planning of including your dog on your wedding day.

Our last bit of advice is the most important for styling an engagement shoot: trust your photographer! Communicate with him or her what you’re looking for and what you’re using your engagement photos for and trust that his or her experience can best achieve the outcome that you want. Photographers work with people constantly, and they have methods to keep you relaxed and most yourself for you engagement photos!