Meet Elizabeth | Apprentice and Assistant

A wedding planning team that genuinely cares about their clients creates magic, and we are excited to introduce our dedicated, Night and Daye Events team to you each month on the blog! Second in our introduction series is our Office Assistant and Apprentice Planner: Elizabeth Fix!

Elizabeth assists with Night and Daye’s daily tasks, manages social media, and is training to be a Lead Wedding Planner! Elizabeth grew up in Richmond, Virginia and is currently studying International Relations at William and Mary. Elizabeth is drawn to weddings and human rights with the same desire to empower women and celebrate their unique experiences. She has been following the bridal industry for years and is wholeheartedly committed to the bridal industry’s movement towards celebrating the untraditional, modern bride and showcasing her unbound and genuine love. In her free time, you can find Elizabeth reading with a coffee mug in hand, arranging flowers from Harris Teeter in her condo, or attempting to train her two Great Pyranese puppies, Luna and Stella. Elizabeth’s condo is the 2nd fixer-upper in the Night and Daye Events family, so stay tuned to our Instagram stories to see how Elizabeth designs and transforms the space into a home!

Elizabeth’s wedding style is all things bohemian or untraditional. “I love couples who are dreamers and adventurers, couples who love each other fiercely and are committed to presenting themselves to the world as authentically as possible. Everything they do has passion and meaning, and it is my honor to help create their dream into reality.” Elizabeth specializes in outdoor weddings, but she enjoys turning any unexpected space into an oasis of celebration and love. She also adores destination weddings and elopements.

Elizabeth loves adventure and has been fortunate enough to travel in China, Iceland, Italy, and Canada. Elizabeth was a bridesmaid in a traditional Chinese wedding in Wuhan, China. “I unfortunately couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying, but all of my favorite parts of weddings were right in front of me: culture, family, food, celebration. Weddings are the best way to authentically experience another culture.” For the adventurous honeymooners, Elizabeth recommends road-tripping around Iceland. She and her family spent 2 weeks traveling around Iceland’s infamous Ring Road. Though most tourists stay around Reykjavik and south Iceland, Elizabeths says that the full trip around the country is much more rewarding and easily accessible. “Iceland is perfect for those who look for magic in unexpected places. Around every bend is something extraordinary. It’s a place where a small dirt path off the side of the road leads to a grand waterfall or the most breathtaking hike or your life.” Expect a blog post about her travels in the near future!

If you want to learn more about Elizabeth or our Night and Daye Events family, leave a comment below or send us an inquiry! Our team loves to get to know our clients, followers, and event coordinating community!

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