Make your Bridesmaids Feel Special

cThe best way to make your bridesmaids feel special is to be considerate and keep everything authentic, and we have included some ideas on how to achieve that!


To start off your wedding adventure, ask your girls to be your bridesmaids with a bridesmaid gift! We offer bridesmaids boxes that are full of fun, personalized goodies to be sent to your girls. The best bridesmaids gifts mirror your relationship; the more authentic the better! Try to include inside jokes or memories, write letters, and personalize anything to your identities and friendship. These girls have shaped you into who you are today, and celebrate them with the love they deserve! Bridesmaid boxes are one of our favorite personal touches in weddings, so contact us if you are interested in sending bridesmaid gifts for your wedding!

Anyone feels special when they are considered and cared for, and respecting your bridesmaids’ time and commitment to you is crucial. Do your best to make sure that your bridesmaid’ dresses are comfortable, flattering, and not too expensive for everyone. If dresses are an issue, the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend may be for you! Additionally, you can cover one service for your bridesmaids (nails, makeup, or hair), and ensure that they are fed all day during your wedding.

Lastly, a unique bachelorette party is a great way to honor your girls and create more memories with them! Instead of a traditional bachelorette party, consider something nontraditional: try aerial yoga, take a painting and wine class, rent an Airbnb for a weekend, go to a concert or music festival. The possibilities are endless, just as the new memories are! The best way to decide what kind of bachelorette party you should have is to revisit your favorite memories with your girls. What do you all have the most fun doing together? What have you all always wanted to do but never have? We love organizing unique bachelorette parties at Night and Daye Events, so feel free to contact us below if you’re interested in getting some more ideas or are interested in our services!

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