How to "keep calm and carry on" on your wedding day!


We all know that weddings can be extremely stressful. Yet, we at Night and Daye Events remind all of our brides that your wedding is a celebration of your love for your soulmate, your family, and your friends; you wouldn’t want to miss a minute of it to any anxious butterflies! Though the core of your wedding is the love between you and your fiance, your wedding is still an event with all the stressors and what-ifs that come with a ceremony. We have some secrets to help you stay calm and present on your wedding day!

1) Prioritize your health the whole WEEK before your wedding

Often brides worry about their guests as their big day looms closer, but your health is number one priority! Make sure that you drink enough water, eat healthy, and get enough sleep the entire week before your wedding day. Your wedding is both an amazing, unforgettable event in your life and a long, tiresome one. The key to having a lot of energy, staying up late, and having a blast on your wedding day is preparing your body beforehand!

2) Do something creative the night before

The night before your wedding can be busy and nerve wracking. Plan some time to get your brain off tomorrow’s ceremony! If you want to spend time with your family, your bridal party, or your fiance, create something together that you can keep to remember your pre-married days. Make a scrapbook, a puzzle, color on some wine glasses, or even play a game. Get your brain moving, but take a break from preparing for the wedding; you’ll appreciate it when you wake up fresh and full of excitement the next morning!

3) Take a bath

If you’re the kind of bride that needs her alone time or her spa night, set some time aside the day before your wedding to soak in the tub. Grab a bath bomb and your favorite book and just relax! So many brides want to spend countless hours with family and friends in town, but an hour or so away from that loveable madness will give you the endurance to make it through the whole weekend with stress-free and energized.

4) Meditate

We’ve all heard about wellness and mindfulness in the past decade, and meditation can do wonders to center yourself on your wedding day. There are countless youtube videos, blogs, and apps you can refer to for help on how to meditate. Feel free to try some aromatherapy or yoga to help calm those anxious nerves.

5) Plan time to relax in your wedding timeline

This is extremely important for a stress-free wedding day: plan plenty of time to relax while getting ready and taking pictures before your ceremony. The last thing you want as a bride is to be rushed while you’re getting ready and spending time with your girls and family. The key to having down time and making memories is allotting the time in your wedding day timeline to make those organic memories!

6) First look

Having a first look at my wedding was a game-changer for me. I was anxious about the ceremony, but seeing Matt beforehand both calmed my nerves and gave us amazing photos together. A first look is not for everyone, but seeing your fiance before the ceremony can do wonders to alleviate any anxiety you’re feeling!

7) Give your phone to someone that you trust

You most likely have been planning about you wedding for months or even years, and you want to be present for it! Give your phone to someone that you trust at the beginning of the day to make sure that it is accounted for and you don’t have to worry about where it is. If you do want to share your wedding day on social media the day of your wedding, have a artsy friend do it for you! You want to live and cherish every single moment of your wedding, and that’s best achieved without your phone in hand.

8) Of course, hire a wedding planner!

Many couples these days think a wedding planner is a luxury, but, in reality, we are a necessity! The best thing that you can do to alleviate stress for yourself and cherish every single moment of your wedding from your engagement to your honeymoon is hire a wedding planner. Weddings are as emotional as they are beautiful, but that emotion carries stress with it. Your wedding is your little legacy of your love; let a professional help you so that you can enjoy every second it!

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