Five Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Over the last decade, winter weddings have become increasingly more popular as the hassle of finding vendors and a free wedding date grows during peak summer wedding season. The winter wedding trend is not only a largely unexplored area of design but also extremely practical. The advantages of having a winter wedding are numerous, and we have included some of the highlights below!

1) Winter is a season of celebrating family and friends.

Though winter may be associated with cold weather, we all have warm, fond memories of spending the holidays with family and friends that remind us that our relationships are most important. That sounds like the perfect atmosphere for a wedding! If you’re planning on getting married near your family or hometown, more people might be home or coming home for the holidays and will be able to attend your wedding. If you are family-oriented and want to celebrate your friendships along with your love, a winter wedding may be right for you!

2) It’s much cheaper.

Because most venues are experiencing their off-season during the winter, venues and vendors are often far cheaper and even more available in the winter months! Travel, transportation, and accommodations, all costs that couples tend to forget about, are also far more budget-friendly so that both you and your guests face less of a burden in attending your wedding. 

3) The weather is ideal for guests.

Cold is not necessarily a bad thing for your guests! Winter is the perfect time to have a black tie wedding; no one wants to sit in a suit and tie under the blistering hot July sun! You’ll hear far less grumbling from your guests about dressing up, especially if there’s a warm fire and hot chocolate involved once they get there! 

4) It’s unexpected.

Out of all the weddings that you’ve been to, how many of them have been in winter? Not many, most likely. Wedding season can be tiresome and burdening for guests who attend wedding after wedding, but an off-season winter wedding is fresh and all the focus is on celebrating you both! If you’re looking to have a wedding as unique as your love, a winter wedding may be a way for you to stand out and give your guests a truly special experience!

5) You’ll appreciate your honeymoon more.

Have you ever walked down the street in the freezing cold and dreamt of traveling somewhere tropical? Congratulations, that will be your honeymoon! Summer is normally a season of travel, but winter is often when you need and appreciate the break most. If you spend every winter dreaming of warm, sandy beaches and some relaxation, consider having winter wedding in order to appreciate your honeymoon!

Sarah-Daye HandComment