Did someone say chocolate? | Using chocolate in your wedding

For our second Vendor Port, our series of live interviews of some of our favorite vendors, we want to introduce you to Mary from Virginia’s Finest Chocolate! Chocolate is the perfect way to both customize your wedding or event and put a smile on your guests’ faces. Not to mention that Mary’s talent and creativity at Virginia’s Finest Chocolate are unmatched! Without further ado, let me introduce you to Mary!

Mary has been in the chocolate business for 25 years, but her interest in small businesses started while she was in college. She studied marketing and wanted a unique, personalized form of advertisement. Naturally, she gravitated towards the world’s most classic treat: chocolate!

Mary works with all types of chocolate and flavoring at Virginia’s Finest Chocolate, and she specializes in customizing treats to your theme. As every bride and event is different, she has experience with many themes including all seasons, sports, nautical themed (my favorite!), flowers, and monograms of all styles and shapes. She says that coffee spoons are especially trendy right now and are completely customizable to your chocolate preferences and colors.


For the bride who wants colors or photos but doesn’t want to break her budget, Mary recommends personalizing cookies for your big day! Cookies are great because they’re detailed, not too expensive, and delicious; Mary showed a beautiful William and Mary cookie in our live video if you would like to see an example. We love our Night and Daye cookies from Mary here at the office! Mary’s cookies make great, adorable save the date favors that your guests can enjoy on the spot and won’t have to worry about taking home. Mary does far more than just chocolate and cookies; she can make favor, welcome bags, and more that are unique to your wedding or event.

For the bride looking for a fun and unique bridesmaid luncheon, Mary offers wine and chocolate pairing events. There, Mary guides you through wine and chocolate tasting. Yet, Mary says the best part of the day is you and your girls’ experimentation with flavor combos; everyone’s preferences are different, and this pairing event is a fun way to relax and get to know your girls a little better! I am dying to so this event with my current brides, so let me know if you’re interested!


So, you’re interested in Mary’s services, but what comes next? About 2 months out from your wedding or event, you and Mary will meet and talk about your ideas and your budget. She’ll show you some samples and designs that she has prepared for you, and you’ll leave with a smile and a stomach full of chocolate. You won’t pay until 1 month out from the event, so you won’t leave worrying about your piggy bank.

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