Blair and Erik's miracle

Blair and Erik had their entire wedding planned for May 20, 2017 and paid for. They actually had just booked their honeymoon when they received news that would change their lives forever, their two year old daughter had cancer. They put their wedding on hold to focus solely on Ava’s care and her needs, knowing that one day they would have their wedding.

Ava finished her six rounds of high dose systemic chemotherapy September of 2017. In early 2018, Erik and Blair thought that the time had come to focus on a wedding again. However, they then learned that Ava’s tumor was growing and they would have to go to Philadelphia once a month for treatment. Ava finished her last round of chemo in July of 2018 and today is a happy and healthy three year old enjoing life with her twin brother, Carter.

I first heard about this story when, Sarah, of Waverly Estate, posted in a Facebook group stating she was donating her venue to this couple and was asking for other vendors to donate their time as well. The response to the post was incredible with so many vendors will to help out, and we truly created a one of a kind event for this sweet family.

It was a beautiful day with rain holding off until after the ceremony giving Blair her dream ceremony! I loved all the rustic and blush aspects of the decor but my favorite part had to be the Taco Bar! Absolutely delicious! I adored working with Blair and her mother and I will never forget Ava and Carter.