Organizing Your Wedding | How I Put Together My Wedding Planning Binder


You’re engaged! It is time to start planning your big day, but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have already have done a good bit of planning but you are struggling keeping everything organized. Today I am sharing how I set up my very own wedding planning binder! Make sure you sign up for my newsletter to download my planning checklist to complete this set up!

First, get yourself at least a one inch binder. I just bought a plain white one with a font pocket to stick inspirations (and eventually our save the date).  You will also want to get two sets of dividers. 

Now for your labels!


Timeline and Program

Print off your planning checklist (download mine) and put in this section. You will also want to keep any inspiration or details that pertain to the timeline here. Eventually you will also add your timeline for the day (if you have a planner, they will have a template).

Guest List  & Budget

I actually did not have either of these tabs in my binder because I had this information saved online in my online planning platform. But if you prefer to keep this information written out, I would include these two tabs right after the timeline. Otherwise, using an Excel Doc or Google Sheet is great to keep track of this information. 


This is where your second set of dividers will come in. You will sub-divide this section by vendor. Keep all your inspirations here as well as notes here from consultations.  Once you book you should stick the contract in the front of that vendors section. 

Bridal Party

You can sub-divide this one too if you would like, (I did!). This is where you will keep all your information regarding you, your fiancé and the wedding party. I also plan to include the rings in this section too.

This first page here is just a contact sheet of our parents, bridesmaids and the groomsmen. I also included attire information here for the girls and the boys as well as hair and makeup.


Favors and Gifts

Here, keep your ideas for your favors and any gifts you plan to give. Once you make purchases, keep the confirmations and receipts here. Don’t forget about you! I also included our registry confirmation here.


This could go in with your vendor tab, but I decided to make it its own section because of all the stationery needs we have. From save the dates, to the programs to the thank you cards. I have kept all my needs listed out here as well as inspiration.

Travel and Accommodations

Any details regarding your room block, your honeymoon suite and if you book transportation can be kept in this section.


This is it for the wedding day sections. If you're like me, you may also include a section for the Rehearsal Dinner and the Honeymoon :p

Do you already have your wedding planner binder? Did you make it your self of buy one? What is different than the one I made? LEave your comment below! 


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