Sweetheart Table or Head Table: Which is Right for Your Wedding

sweetheart table.jpg

There are countless decisions you'll have to make in preparation for your wedding day. One of those choices will be deciding between a sweetheart table for you and your newlywed spouse, or having a head table filled with family and friends. 

So what is a sweetheart table? Essentially, it is a table tailor made just for the bride and groom. The sweetheart table can be decorated or designed for the couple to fit their personalities and preferences. Couples sometimes opt to decorate the chairs with customized signs that say "bride" and "groom." The sweetheart table is typically placed in the center of the reception area, looking out at the wedding guests.

While the sweetheart table is not for everyone, there are several benefits to having one at your reception. First, when you sit at the table with your beloved, you will be able to see all of your wedding guests. Especially at larger weddings where it can be challenging to greet all your loved ones in attendance, the central sweetheart table allows the couple to look out at their guests having a good time, and rejoice in seeing their jollity. The sweetheart table can also act as a small refuge for the bride and groom, and allow for them to spend some personal time together on a day that can be quite hectic. 

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That being said, the sweetheart table is not for everyone. Another option is to have a head table. This table can appear the same as all the other tables, or it can stand out, depending on the couple's preference. Some ideas for setting apart your head table are using an accenting table cloth, one different than other guests' tables, or elevating the table ever so slightly. For couples that aren't comfortable with being the center of attention, the head table can be decorated accordingly with other guests' tables. 

The head table can vary in who sits there. Typically, seated at the head table are the bride and groom, their parents and close family, or the wedding party. Again, guests seated at the head table depends solely on the preferences and situation of the bride and groom. Benefits of a having a head table over a sweetheart table are you get to spend more time with your wedding party and family, and revel in the happiness of your wedding day with those you hold dearest to your heart. 

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At the end of the day, your seating arrangements should be what make you and your spouse happy. If the idea of spending your reception by your new spouse's side sweeps you away then by all means have yourself a sweetheart table! But if you're heart is leading your to a big communal head table overflowing with love, then you've found the seating arrangements for you.