Journey and Michael • He POPPED the Question!


You know we love a good love story here at Night and Daye Events! We especially love our own team's love stories! If you follow us on Instagram then you are well aware that our Lead Coordinator, Journey just got engaged! We're jumping up and down with excitement and crying happy tears as we celebrate with her and today we are sharing her love story with you all! 

Christopher Newport does "theme meals" where they dress up the dining halls. Three weeks into Journey's freshman year at college, she went to her first theme meal which was carnival themed. There were corn dogs, popcorn, games, face painting, and Journey's favorite: balloon animals! Journey was in the balloon line by herself, eating chicken on a stick when the guy in front of her turned around and told her, "Hey, I like your glasses!". He continued to compare how her glasses were like his. She thanked him for the compliment, and they went about their business. "Because the line wasn't moving, I opened the conversation once more and said, 'What are they building up there? The Eiffel Tower?'. He promptly replied, 'I think it's actually the entire city of Paris'. I was stunned to say the least. NOBODY had ever piggybacked on my jokes. I was enamored. For the rest of our time in that line we cracked jokes and learned about each other. "

 When Journey went home she couldn't wait to reach out to him -- she immediately found Michael on Facebook and friended him. She then waited the "three days" to ask him out for coffee. Their first date was two days later; and the day after she asked Michael to be her boyfriend!

|  The day after the engagement, Journey and Michael recreated the proposal with a balloon engagement ring to celebrate the roots of their relationship.

| The day after the engagement, Journey and Michael recreated the proposal with a balloon engagement ring to celebrate the roots of their relationship.


This cute meeting is the beginning of their adorable love story! It is only natural that the proposal story is just as sweet!  Michael took Journey on a day long scavenger hunt around Newport News, using her best friend as a guide and host. Her friend, Cassidy, would "give" the gifts, and drive Journey around from place to place to convince her that she actually planned the day. However, Michael is the one that planned out all activities. This included lunch, nails, coffee, a walk around campus, and dinner.

Journey's day started at lunch where Cassidy gave her her first present which included all the tools she would need for the remainder of the scavenger hunt, including a mix tape and her first clue. The songs on the mix tape lined up perfectly with the next activity: when they were going to the spa, "MANICURE" by Lady Gaga played. While going to Target, "Store" by Carly Rae Jepsen, you get the idea! Each of Journey's clues led her to the next place where she would find another card, puzzle pieces, or a treasure box that, when used properly would guide her to where Michael was. There were clues given to baristas, slipped between products in aisles, taped to trees, you name it. Her last set of clues was a stack of photographs that led her through checkpoints at Yorktown Beach to the riverside, where Michael was waiting for her! As Journey made her way to the location of the final photograph (the tree pictured below), Michael rounded the corner. "You could see the joy on her face. She knew what was happening, and she was thrilled. She said yes before I could even ask her. It was such a beautiful moment with the most beautiful girl. I couldn't ask for anything else." 


Journey and Michael both live in Newport News where Journey plans events and parties for a local Escape Room, as well as Night and Daye Events. Michael is an Operations Manager at Target's Distribution Center. They both love seltzer water, and music. While Michael is a huge movie buff, Journey claims she is a huge sleeping-in-the-theater buff. Journey's dream is to own an events company herself, but when they retire they want to open a flower shop together! 

 "We are both planners, so I love that we have visions for the wedding that align. All the colors, venue, festivities, catering -- you name it we've already picked it out. We've only been engaged for a hot second, and I have one semester left in college, so we haven't fully dived into planning mode yet. However, we do have our venue booked so we know when and where it's happening!" We at Night and Daye Events are SO thrilled for the two of them! And we can not wait to see their wedding plans come together!! 

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