Meet MaryKathryn and Brad

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Brad and MaryKathryn met during an internship she had at General Motors. After graduation she accepted a position with the company. During her first week at work, she received an IM from Brad welcoming her back to GM and inviting her to drinks after work to catch up.

They met for drinks and talked about everything that had happened in our lives over the past year. They enjoyed themselves so much, the next time they met up it was for drinks AND dinner. Before they knew it, they were seeing each other every weekend. 

"In May of 2014, we took our first “winter” vacation together to get out of Michigan and the snow! We went to an all-inclusive in Jamaica to enjoy the sun, sand, and drinks. Up to this point, I could tell things were getting serious between Brad and I but we had never felt the need to have “the talk”. He had been back to Arizona with me to meet my parents at this point and we would be spending a week in July with his family. We were sitting up one night after a fabulous dinner, talking and enjoying each other’s company when out of the blue he turned to me and said “You know I love you, don’t you?” and of course I melted and told him that I loved him too!"

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On holiday season, Brad and Mary Kathryn had planned to do a Holiday Lights Bus Tour with friends. MaryKathryn had a prior commitment he same evening so the timing was tight for her. When she arrived home to change something seemed a bit off:

 "I went into the bedroom to get ready and noticed a present sitting on Brad’s nightstand which I found to be very odd and out of place. I ignored it while I got ready, but as I was walking out of the room I asked Brad if he was wrapping presents for himself these days. He was walking toward me and we meet in the door way of the bedroom. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of him and I can’t even tell you what excuses he was trying to use."

Brad made a comment to MaryKathryn about not wanting the tour to out-do him. Confused, MaryKathryn turned atound and the present she had noticed now said "Marry Me?" Brad was on one knee and MaryKathryn said "Yes!" before the newly engaged couple rushed to make their tour and celebrate their engagement with their friends. 



Their favorite date night is cooking one of their favorite meals together and enjoying the meal with a nice glass of wine. They then spend the night on the with their pup, Bandit, watching a good movie or their favorite Netflix show! 

We love to travel, especially to exotic locations

MaryKathryn’s first car purchase was one that Brad developed all the ride and handling for at GM

Their fur baby was named after Burt Reynold’s character in Smokey and the Bandit (and he is spoiled rotten!)

Brad is originally from Maryland and MaryKathryn is originally from Phoenix, and the two worlds collided in Michigan

Brad and MaryKathryn’s Christmas Tree is shipped to them from her Uncle’s farm in Riner, Virgina