Leading Women Brunch


I was so honored when my intern, Sami asked me to be her date to her sorority's Leading Women's Brunch. I immediately said YES and I am so glad that I did. Not only was the bacon perfectly crisp, but the entertainment was excellent and it was amazing to meet all the extraordinary women.  

Both speakers, Senja Tomovic  and Evelyn Foust, without coordinating shared their thoughts on balancing their work life, home life and self care. It really stuck with me since I am entering a chapter of my life where I will have a family of my own! There are three main points that I took home with me. 


1. There are advantages to being a woman. (Of course there are!) Women are more nurturing in their nature. In Senja's career as a doctor, this allows patients to open up to her more so than her male counterparts. For my self as a wedding planner, this allows my clients and most times, their mothers as well to really see me as a trustworthy soldier for what they want. Not only are they comfortable opening up about their desire, but also their family dynamics, and they know that I will do everything that I can to ensure their dreams become a reality. Dr. Tomovic also noted that women are more team oriented. Again, this plays a huge role in wedding planning as I need to communicate not only with my clients- the bride and groom- but their family, friends and other vendors. 

2. Support system. You need to surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed and that will push you to be your best self. In turn, it is important to also be supportive of others. I personally have a group of five other women that is build upon this very purpose. Each month we get together and discuss our successes as well as what is challenging us this month. Then we work together to ensure we overcome those challenges and work through our goals. 

3. Have it all. This is where the balance comes in to play, as well as setting realistic (key word) expectations. It is important to set your priorities and know you will need to make sacrifices. Not to say that if you want to focus on your career you can not kids, or if you want a family you can not work. But you need to know how to balance it all. One thing that Evelyn said was, do not prioritize what is on youre schedule but rather schedule out your priorities. This is relatively easy for my as my own boss since I set my schedule. On Tuesday nights, Matt and I like to go to the movies ($5 movie night!) and on Thursday nights we play kickball. So, on these two evenings I make sure my office hours are set to end at 5pm, and I do not check emails. This is time that I set aside for Matt and friends. This is particularly important since a wedding weekend will be spent focused on the weeding activities. 


BONUS. I want to add my own point to tie it all together (and was also my major in college): COMMUNICATION. These three points wouldn't work if these women did have  communication skills. If I do not communicate with my clients consistently, I lose that trust and confidence they have in me. If I do not communicate with my support system, how do they know how to support me? And most importantly, how can I balance if I am not communicating my schedule and my expectations? 

I am interested to know what your thoughts are! Tell me how you do or want to apply these three keys to your life below!