Korey and Graham | A Century of Love


Korey and Graham are that rare couple that are just the sweetest two people and make an even sweeter pair! Just wait until you hear about their love story! We are so honored they chose Night and Daye Events to guide them on this garden party wedding journey! 

These high school sweet hearts have been together for seven years, and stayed strong through a long distance relationship. In fact, Graham defined true love by traveling across the N. Atlantic Ocean, surprising Korey with the proposal. I told you they were the sweetest! 

Korey was in Europe on a two week trip with her close work friends. Korey says it didn't phase her at all when one of her friends, Rachel, who Korey deemed the Navigator, wanted to stop at a beautiful bridge for some photos. It was then that Korey heard a familiar whistle.....

IMG_4842 (1).JPG

When Graham was growing up, his father taught him a call and response whistle in case they were separated in a crowd. Graham taught this whistle to Korey and they use it similarly.

"I immediately froze in my steps, realizing what was about to happen, and I started crying. I remember saying “what do I do?” twice, as if it didn’t make sense to just walk to him. My friends took my wallet and phone and guided me to one side of the bridge so I could meet him." It was then that Graham got down on one knee and recited the speech he had prepared. Of course, Korey said yes! 

If you haven't teared up after that proposal, let me tell you about the ring! The ring was gifted to Graham by his grandfather. It was the same ring Graham's grandfather used to propose to his grandmother in 1958. They were also high school sweethearts. Korey later found out that the ring has been passed down since the 1930s! She shared her favorite words from Graham's grandfather:  "the stone has a little bit of history, has been around the world, and is a symbol of unquenchable love between the engaged."


Did I not tell you this couple and their love story is the sweetest? I know this weekend will be filled with nothing but love and sweet memories. There has not been a single ceremony that I have not teared up, but I may need a whole pack of tissues for my self on Saturday!