Happiness is... Staying Cool at a Summer Wedding!

Photography by Gaudium Photography | Venue: Two Rivers Country Club

Photography by Gaudium Photography | Venue: Two Rivers Country Club

Ah summertime. We love it and we hate it. Thinking about planning your wedding during these hot and humid months? This weeks blog post is all about how to keep you and your guests cool at a summer wedding! 




First and foremost, the key to staying cool: WATER! It is so important to have water accessible for both you and your guests. Instead of having plain old water glasses or having water served from the bar, why not spruce it up a bit?

These personalized water bottle labels from thepaperedwedding on Etsy are perfect for those who want to add a little bit of something to their wedding day. Simply modify the template to fit your day, print them out on label paper, and stick them to your water bottles! Your guests will love the personal touch and will be sure to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Want something that will remind your guests of your special day? Opt for personalized water bottle favors! Not only will they have something to keep afterwards, but they can keep refilling their bottle as they please. Have water stations set up all around your venue that friends and family can keep coming to. It also is a greener option compared to the labels!



Another party favor to consider are fans! From program fans to Chinese folding fans, to even battery powered fans, the possibilities are endless. Your guests will appreciate the fact that they will have an option to cool them down during the hot summer day! The Wedding Program Fans shown above are perfect for those wanting to have a more practical use of their Wedding Programs. These ones from VineWedding on Etsy can be easily customized to your special day. Everyone will be sure to be a big "fan" of this idea! 

Frozen Drinks.


What sounds more refreshing than coming out of a ceremony and grabbing a nice, cold, frozen cocktail to sip on throughout the night? Your guests will be sure to love anything that could keep them cool. Having a fiesta themed wedding? Why not have a special margarita for the occasion! Want to be really creative? Come up with a unique cocktail that both you and your significant other have curated to symbolize your journey! 



Photo by    Paige Ryan Photography    | Venue: Rockefeller Building

Photo by Paige Ryan Photography | Venue: Rockefeller Building

In the grand scheme of things, find a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor options so that if someone gets too hot, there is space for them to keep cool. If you are set on having your day outside, consider propping up a tent to shade the dance floor. Don't like the idea of having a big white tent? A lot of floral designers can work with you to decorate your tent with flowers and lights galore.

I hope you enjoyed reading these nontraditional ways to keep cool at a summer wedding! Be sure to comment down below your favorite reccomendation!