Don't Rain on My Processional!

Photo by  Gaudium Photography

Photo by Gaudium Photography


Days are longer, the sun feels warmer, and the world feels like it’s smiling down on us, making your outdoor wedding dreams feel closer than ever! Outdoor weddings have many benefits including natural lighting and gorgeous scenery. Still, many brides are worried about the ultimate wedding crasher -- rain. While many wedding plans don’t include wind or rain, the drippy weather comes with its benefits. To help you face whatever the sky brings you on your special day here are five reasons to enjoy the rain at your wedding:

1. You will LOVE your photos. 

Cloudy, daytime pictures can provide the perfect ambiance for your session. The weather provides a fresh, dewy look to you and your surroundings, and also reduces squinting caused by the sun. Invest in a transparent, domed umbrella, or purchase an umbrella unique as you and your fiance for extra fun! Just take a look at some of the wonderful moments that our brides have had in the rain. 


2. Rain provides a quick cool down.

As we get further into the hot summer days, a shower before the wedding or reception helps diminish the heat. Floral arrangements can start to wilt if exposed to heat for long periods of time, but rain allows the air to cool, and the flowers to breathe again. You will certainly reap the benefits of this in your beautiful (and layered) wedding gown.

3. You have a story to tell everyone.

People will be concerned when they hear it rained on your wedding day, but enjoying the rain allows you to respond with a smile on your face. Recount all of the joy in your heart as you ran through the rain with your new spouse, and the overwhelming contentment you felt while taking gorgeous pictures. The audience will love that you enjoyed your special day. You might even pass along peace of mind to a future bride worried about rain!

4. Rain has cultural significance.

Marriage is often referred to as “tying the knot”, thus many cultures believe that rain on your wedding day symbolizes a sound marriage because a wet knot is stronger than a dry one. In other cultures, rain on your wedding day symbolizes cleansing, which brings fertility and a blessed marriage. Whether or not your culture considers a rainy wedding lucky, you have the power to create your own beautiful significance for rain at your ceremony. 

Photo by  Shawna Fredericks

Photo by Shawna Fredericks


5. You're getting married.

You’ll be married at the end of the day, whether it rains or shines. Your wedding day is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Enjoy every moment with your new spouse, through the sunshine and the rain. You two are a team, and no matter what life -- or the weather -- sends your way, you’ll never have to face it alone. 

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