Camping Out in Our Living Room


Matt and I finally had a weekend to focus on the floors again! We were able to complete both the upstairs and downstairs hallways- meaning we actually had to camp out in our living room to avoid walking on the freshly done floors. 

I actually had an event Saturday morning. While I was there, Matt was cleaning up a bit downstairs and getting the living room ready for our weekend sleeping there. He brought down our mattress, pillows and our toiletries. He also brought down the girls' crates

When I returned, we ate lunch and then got to work! Matt had to start by sanding a few spots while I got the stain and materials from the garage. When Matt was done sanding, I was able to begin with the stain. To stain, I "painted" the stain onto the wood with a cloth, let it set and then wiped it off with a clean cloth. 


While I was staining the upstairs, Matt was sanding the downstairs. Thank goodness he has prepared out "bed" because at this point I had passed out- didn't even ask to watch a Marvel movie (which if you remember from Instagram, I am trying to rewatch the movies leading up to Infinity War). 

Sunday morning, we got up, and got right to work with staining the downstairs hallway. We had to wait two hours for the finish to dry before we could lay down the finish. That meant the perfect amount of time for a Marvel movie (Civil War)!

After the movie, we both took a can of polyurethane to our own floor and finally finished al the floors! 

We Concluded the weekend with dinner and another marvel movie. 

IMG_3946 2.PNG
IMG_3947 2.PNG