Battle of the Sexes | A Nontraditional Bachelor - Bachelorette Party


Matthew and I tend to spend most of our evenings at home with Netflix, games or with friends. We do have the occasional night out with our kickball team after a game, but we do not typically go out to the bars. When it came time to decide what we were doing for our Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, we decided just having a weekend getaway with our closest friends and family, which turned into a weekend of Battle of the Sexes! 

We invited our bridal party (those over 21) and some friends and family members we wanted to have there. When the RSVPs rolled in, we had five girls and five boys total. Realizing we were split evenly, my game loving heart started brainstorming the Battel of the Sexes.... but first: Destination! 

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I had been to Charleston before for my college roommate's bachelorette party and I have wanted to go back ever since. I told Matt we should do out weekend there, he agreed, and we started looking for a house. I ending up finding a house that was about 40 minutes from the city, but could accommodate all ten of us, with our own beds, for the weekend for $150 each. Not bad for a weekend in South Carolina! I emailed the group and they all agreed that the house was a good fit. 

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Once the house was booked, we could focus on what we would be doing during the weekend. Figuring everyone would be tired from traveling on Thursday, we planned on staying in on night one and cooking a Low Country Boil, and playing games. We actually ended up ordering pizza that night, and the girls dominated in Guesstures! 

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Day Two was a beach day. I had ordered hats and water bottles for everyone, Team Bride and Team Groom of course. We had planned on playing football, boys against girls, but the sand was way to hot! Although, the boys will tell you its because the girls chickened out, not true. That night we had a group dinner at Stars and split up into our teams for scavenger hunts created by the opposing team. If we met up throughout the night, we needed to face off with each other with Rock Paper Scissors.  Amanda, my maid of honor coordinated tank tops with the girls and had us all wear black skirts. 

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We continued in our own teams on Saturday, but not for points. The boys spent the day Go Carting and at Batting Cages while the girls had brunch and went shopping. We took it easy that night as well as we all had to travel back home in the morning. 

It was a weekend I will never forget! Everyone got along so well and we are all so excited for the wedding weekend.