Closing Out Our Year with Wedding Send-Off Ideas


As we close out another year of incredible weddings, what better way to celebrate than with some unique options for your big wedding day send-off? For the bride and groom looking for ways to add their personality to their big day, here are some send-offs to try:

Confetti Glitter and Sparkles

For the couple with a sparkling personality, confetti glitter is a perfect way to embody the twinkling feeling you’ll have as you exit from your ceremony as a married couple! Not only will the exit be a ton of fun, but the light the glitter will catch will make for spectacular photos!


Another no-worry, easy clean up is bubbles. Especially if you anticipate children at your wedding, bubbles are easy to use and require little to no cleaning after the departure.



Streamers can be an exciting way to incorporate your wedding colors into your exit. As you descend back down the aisle or out of your venue, guests can toss streamers over your path, creating a canopy of vibrant colors.

Flower Petals

This one is especially beautiful in the Spring! A more traditional route, incorporate your bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets by having guests shower you with an array of petals. Flowers will give the departure a softer feel and make for a romantic and dreamy scene.


Perfect for the small and lighthearted wedding, a balloon release is whimsical and fun, and a unique way to really incorporate guests into the send-off. With this option, you can even incorporate you and your spouse by releasing your own balloon as a couple.

Glow Sticks

For night weddings, sparklers have been popular for years. They make gorgeous photos and are also practical—they provide light! Unfortunately, these are illegal in Williamsburg, but glow sticks are a great alternative. To add pops of color, you can use multi-colored glow sticks, or stick with a more traditional white. You can even order custom colors to match your wedding colors.


For the nature-loving couple, birdseed is a great alternative to rice and you’ll actually want the birds to eat it! Birdseed will look just as beautiful as rice and will even add more texture and colors to your big exit. Plus, it’s a no-hassle clean up if you’re outside, you just leave it for the birds.


Bells are a great way to involve sweet sounds to your send-off. Have your guests ring the bells as you depart down the aisle, and enjoy the sounds of celebration from your guests.