Managing Out of Town Guests


When you have many guests coming to your wedding from out of town, it may seem overwhelming. I hope that these tips will ease your mind and that you will feel more comfortable knowing you have a good game plan to manage those out of town guests. 

The first step is researching hotel options in your area. I would choose two hotels and set up a room block. Be considerate of your guests' budget when selecting the options, and choose one hotel for those who would want to splurge, and one option for those who will be more budget conscious. Include this information with the invitation on a detail card. List the hotel with the contact and room block information. 

If any guests are flying in, help them set up transportation from the airport to their hotel or designate someone in your family or bridal party to pick these guests up. Also let these guests know what transportation options there are in your area.


To relay the above information to your guests, you have two good options. The first is to include a details card with the invitation. This is just a small card with the hotel's information, transportation information and even registry information. The second option, and more budget friendly, is to include this information on your wedding website. 

I would also suggest leaving some helpful information in their hotel room. If you don't want to do a welcome bag, that is perfectly ok but this is a great place to stick this information. At the very least, include a weekend itinerary, travel guide and the phone number to one point of contact (your wedding planner or maid of honor). 

Think about adding a column or two in your guest list spreadsheet with information regarding out of town details to help you keep track of these guests and their trip details. As long as you follow these tips, you and your guests should should feel at ease regarding their trip!