Creative Updates on the Traditional Wedding Cake


There are plenty of wedding traditions couples can incorporate for their big day, but it’s important they fit the personality of the pair! A long-lasting tradition is the wedding cake, but despite its popularity, the sugary treat might not satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Here are some updates on the tradition that will truly be a piece of cake:


For the breakfast lovers out there, donuts provide all the sweetness of cake, but give a modern update to the wedding cake. Donut cakes also provide all kinds of different flavors for each guest’s preferences. You can take tiered tea stands and stack donuts into the shape of a cake. Add some glaze or flowers to tie the sweet treats together, and you have a lovely new take on a timeless classic.

At a wedding earlier this fall, we made a donut cake for Sarah and Michael with donuts from a local Williamsburg favorite, Emily’s Donuts. We added fresh flower from the farmer’s market, and personalized cake topers.

donut cake.jpg

Pancakes or Crepes

If you are looking for breakfast food, but donuts aren’t your cup of tea, you can always try pancakes or crepes. Both can be stacked on top of each other and pulled together with a sweet cake topper. If you choose a pancake wedding cake, there are tons of options for a toppings bar with different types of syrups, chocolate chips and other fixings. If you opt for the crepes, a fresh fruit bar is always a tasty and slightly healthier option.

Photo:  Spanglish Studios  / Learn more about this cake at:  Chic Vintage Brides

Photo: Spanglish Studios / Learn more about this cake at: Chic Vintage Brides

Homemade Pies

Nothing says home like some delicious homemade pies! Pies are great for a fruitier alternative to cake, and can add a personalized touch to your wedding. To represent the joining of families, both the bride’s and the groom’s family has a pie flavor that embodies them, such as peach for the bride and blueberry for the groom. During the pie cutting, the couple then cuts a pie with both of their ingredients—a blueberry peach pie—symbolizing the joining of two families.

Alternative Wedding Cake | Fruit Pies

Bundt Cakes

If you’re looking for that great cake taste, but a less conventional presentation, look no further than Bundt cakes. Different sized Bundts stacked on top of each other still give that classic tiered cake look with a modern twist. You can even change up flavors and icings on each cake.

Photo by:  Allie Lindsey Photography  / Learn more about this cake at:  Artfully Wed

Photo by: Allie Lindsey Photography / Learn more about this cake at: Artfully Wed

Cheese Wheel Cake

For the couples that want to completely forgo the sweets, try a cake made of cheese! Stacking various cheese wheels gives the appearance of a cake, but it pairs much nicer with some wine. If you are looking to feature wine at your wedding a cheese cake might be the perfect compliment. It’s unique and will leave your guests impressed and well-fed.

Alternative Wedding Cake | Cheese wheel cake

Which cake would you choose, or would you stick with the traditional wedding cake? Let us know in the comments!