Christmas in Florida: The Proposal

In the last post, I gave you all tips for packing and planning your vacation. Today's post was going to be about enjoying the Florida weather but I get to tell you a much more exciting story. 

After spending our first couple of days at the house for Christmas, we had decided that day three would be spent at the beach. I was excited because we were going to a part of the beach you could only get to by boat, or jet ski! Ronnie took the jet ski andMatthew, his mother, Leily, and I went to the main beach to wait for the jet ski to arrive to take us to paradise.


Ronnie came around and took me first with the beach bags. We kept going back and forth to find “the perfect secluded spot for Leily” according to Ronnie. This was the first sign of many that went over my head. He finally found a spot he was happy with. He dropped me off and went back for the rest of the crew.


Leily was next with the beach chairs. She immediately wanted to take several pictures of the location and some of us. Sign two. Matthew and Ronnie came with the rest of our things. We got settled in, enjoying the view and ate lunch before spending a few hours snorkeling and jetskiing. I also tried to get some work done but Leily told me NO! Sign three.



As the day was winding down, Matthew was around the bend looking for seashells and Leily said that he wanted to see me. So I got into the water and waded over to him but he said he didn’t want me…so I went back to my seat. (He had the ring in his hand!  I had no idea). Leily then said she and I should go on the jetski, right when Matt was gearing up… He was not too pleased she decided to take me out. HA!


I am so glad we did go on the jetski because we ended up seeing dolphin so close that we could of touched them! They were swimming right along the jetski with us. It was absolutely amazing.  When Leily and I returned to our secluded spot I begged Matt to hop on and come with me.  After a bit more jetskiing, we headed back in and I began to do some more work while Matthew went hunting for more seashells or so I thought.


I was reading some material I had with me when he told me to look at the shell he has found. I looked up and saw the shell, as well as something under it. Confused I lifted the shell and saw the rind. It took a second to register what was happening as Matthew got down on one knee and adorably stumbled over his proposal.


And then I said YES!


It was truly a beautiful day and I could not have been happier.