Who is Night and Daye Events?

Hello there!

Thank you for your interest in Night and Daye Events and how I came to be! Ever since I can remember I have been a romantic! I would even have weddings for Barbie and Ken. I have probably watched every romantic comedy ever made, and have always loved being a part of a wedding. I have been a flower girl and a bridesmaid twice, and am preparing for my third round of bridesmaid duties. 

In addition to being a romantic, I have always been a planner. I was known for throwing the best birthday parties on the block. I have always used a paper planner to the max, currently in love with my Bullet Journal binder. Friends have jokingly told me that I always have the weekends planned out well in advanced, and they will tell you I LOVE my to do lists. 

It wasn't until after my freshman year in college that I decided I needed to combine the two loves of my life and become a wedding planner. I was living with my Aunt Tina in Williamsburg and helped her plan her friends wedding. I had so much fun on the big day and of course loved seeing the bride and groom, and all their friends and family so happy, and that made me so happy! The fact that I had a hand in making this couple’s day so special really made me smile.

That is when I decided to be a wedding planner. I worked on a business name and a website my senior year of college, and that’s when Night and Daye Events was born. I graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2012 and was lucky enough to land a job with Colonial Williamsburg, working with weddings on property. I was so blessed to have a job after college, that I put Night and Daye Events on the back burner.

After three years with Colonial Williamsburg, and obtaining my professional wedding planning certifications, I told my self that it was time to bring Night and Daye Events back to life. 

So, who are you hiring when you hire Night and Date Events? Night and Daye is currently a one woman shop run by me, Sarah-Daye Hand. If I had to choose three words to describe myself, they would be: Organized. Effervescent.  Compassionate. 

Organized- I have already told you I LOVE my to do lists. I make them for everything in my life, so naturally, I will make them for your event. When you hire me, I ensure there is an itinerary for the bridal party and the vendors so that everyone is on the same page and where they need to be and when. I can probably also be found with my own personal to do list for weeks leading up to the big day. Don’t be surprised if I check in with you and ensure that you are also following your to do lists! 

Effervescent- People always use the word bubbly to describe me. But as I have gotten older, I prefer to use the word effervescent. These are the bubbles seen in drinks, such as champagne. So what better word to use for a bubbly wedding planner, right?! Why am I bubbly you ask? I am excited about everything! From the new Walking dead episode, to a new planner to write in, to getting to do something nerdy with my boyfriend, to going to Busch Gardens, I will be so excited and happy to do it. I can always be found with a smile on my face, even in stressful situations. You will not see me flustered at your event. 

Compassionate - I care a lot about the people in my life and the things in my life. This includes you and your wedding day. I will make sure that I understand exactly what you and your fiancé’s vision is and will do everything in my power to make sure your dream comes to life flawlessly. 

So there you have it! That is who you are hiring when you hire Night and Daye Events!