10 Reasons to Host at Your Home


Hosting in your home can be a stressful and complicated mess, I know. But it doesn't have to be. I have successfully hosted plenty of parties in a tiny apartment. You just need to know how to plan for it. I am so excited to share these tips and tricks with you but today, I am just going to tell you reasons why you should have people over.  I could go on and on and on about reasons to host in your home, well beyond these ten but I will keep it short and simple today. 

1- The first reason is of course the holidays. There is a holiday every month that you can celebrate in your home! The big ones of course being Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Fourth of July. If you don't have enough space to have your entire family over and can certainly host a smaller group a week or two before hand. Have an ugly sweater party for your friends or a Friendsgiving. Having a Halloween party is a must for me every year as it's my favorite holiday. But don't be afraid to have people over for a Valentines dinner, St Patrick's day, New Years or even throw a Marci Gras dinner!


2- I just mentioned that throwing a Halloween party is a must for me every year. But, another reason i just love to get people to my house is to have a game night. I have a plethora of board games and card games and always enjoy having a group of friends over to play.

3- This one may seem simple but it is a great excuse to host- dinner. Invite some friends or a few other couples over for dinner. You can ask that they bring appetizers but you should provide dinner, alcohol and dessert if you are hosting.

4A- Tv show season premiers and finales. If you and your friends all watch the same show, invite them over to kick off the season or bring it to an end with some good food and drink! A few snacks and drink options should be offered to your guests, but they can offer to being their own goodies as well. I have don't this for several shows.

4B- Movie premiers. Have your friends or family come over for dinner or snacks before heading out to see the movie together. If it is a big premier make sure you have all purchased your tickets ahead of time.

5- A birthday party. But not yours. I am a firm believer that you should be pampered on your birthday! So, take time to pamper a friend or family member on their birthday by throwing a get together in their honor. There are so many ways to do this, from serving dinner to just snacks and gift opening but whatever you choose to do, they will appreciate you taking the time to celebrate them.


6- Sports games..now this is one that I do not host myself as I am just not a sports watching gal.  However, its just like the tv show premiers, serve a few snacks, appetizers and beer to share with your friends and family.

7- Anything wedding related. Just as I am a firm believer of not hosting your own birthday party, you should not be hosting your own wedding events. If a special girl in your life is engaged, you can throw an engagement party, bridal shower or low key bachelorette party from your home.

8- Tupperware parties. We all have a friend or relative selling some sort of product: Lula Roe, Mary Kay, Essential oils. Jamberry. Take the time to host a party so they can get their name out there! Have a snack or two for the people who attend as well as some refreshments. And you have the chance to get some free stuff!

9- The one time I am all for hosting an event in your honor is when you have achieved something. Passed an exam, received a promotion, invite you close pals over to let them know and celebrate yourself!

10- The best way to show off your hosting skills in your home is to throw a housewarming party! This is your friends and family's first look at your new home and you want to show it and your self off. Make sure you've completely finished unpacking and the home represents you (and your partner).

All images in this post are from  Haute Chocolate Stock Photograph y

All images in this post are from Haute Chocolate Stock Photography