10 Things to do on your Wedding Day



One: Wake up early

I am sure you expect to be up for most of the night, but I also suggest waking up earlier than later. I know, I know. I am not a morning person either. But this is one of the most important days of your life! You want to be awake for as much of the day as you can. Now, I am not saying be awake for 24 hours. But wake up early enough to have breakfast with your bridesmaids and some liquid energy (coffee, Red Bull, your choice!). Eating a healthy breakfast will give you energy for the big day. If you want to spruce up breakfast, I am always up for a Mimosa! However, be sure to limit yourself and your bridesmaid to only one. You still need to walk down the aisle in a straight line! 

two: delegate

Now, I hope that you have hired a planner to handle this this next task. (Five Reasons to Hire a Planner). Be sure to read through the contract and discuss with your planner to see what he/she is and is not willing to do day of. If you chose not to have a planner, or she does not cover some of these small tasks. be sure you have those small details designated to someone, or multiple people, you trust. These little things can include paying the final payments and tips to vendors, making sure all family members are present for photos, collecting your gifts and card ...the list goes on. You want to be enjoying your day, not stressing about small details that pop up. 

Three: unplugged

Today, people can use their phone for basically anything and most people are never without them.  I have seen countless photographers miss important moments of a ceremony because people were in their way of the shot, taking a photo with their cell phone. You have spent a lot of money to ensure that your day is captured professionally. I suggest posting a sign near the entrance of your ceremony asking your guests to put away their cell phones and cameras until the reception. 


Four: Photo List

Speaking of photography, it is extremely helpful to have a list of everyone you want for a photo. This will help your planner and photographer round everyone up and get the photographs completed in a timely manner. Both should be able to help you with this list should you have questions. 


five: love your bridal party

These girls are your friends and your family. If your tired, hungry or stressed, know that they are there to support you. They have spent a lot of money to be by your side on your wedding day and it should be fun for them too. 

six: thank you thank you

Be sure to thank every one that has helped you through out the planning process. Thank them on your wedding day and show how grateful you were by sending a hand written thank you note afterwards, separate from your gift thank you notes. If you know you are the type of person that can be forgetful, write yourself a list. Start it at the beginning of your planning process and add anyone who has really helped you. Another tip is to pack a handful of thank you notes in your honeymoon bag to write and send from abroad. 

Seven: one on one

Your wedding day will be a whirlwind. Make sure you give your self some time to stop and spend some one on one time your your new partner! This can be during your first look photos, after family photos before you enter the reception or even a limo ride from one place to the other. You both will appreciate later that you had a moment alone together to appreciate your day.


Eight: Be Romantic

Its the celebration of your love for on another! Make sure you express it. I am not saying write epic vows to one other, or display PDA all night. However, if find a way to express to one other your thoughts and feelings. A great way to do this is to write your own vows. But if you are on the more traditional side, then writing a love note to one another (also a great photo op!), or having a glass of champagne during your one on one time and expressing your thoughts on the ceremony and your future. 

nine: food!

Hopefully you will follow number one and plan on eating a breakfast in the morning. If not, at least have a something small prepared. Depending on your hair and makeup schedule you may not have time to sit down for lunch but be sure to pack plenty of snacks for the afternoon. Some ideas include granola bars, unsalted nuts, bite size fruits, and cheese and crackers. If you do have time for lunch, make sure you get something light but packed with protein for energy. For your reception, I suggest doing a sweetheart table for dinner. This give you some intimacy while everyone is eating. If you are doing a buffet, place your sweetheart table at the other side of the room. 

Ten: Relax!!

This is the most important tip! Your vendors are there to make this day magical. Let them do their job. If you have a planner or someone you have designated tasks to then you have nothing to worry about. Let the vendors handle the stress. Plus, a good wedding planner and venue will be able to predict causes and effects and can avoid them and will know you well enough to know how you would answer any questions or problems that arise.